GPE Berlin 2017 (sesta tappa) (European Grand Prix)

8-9 Luglio 2017

Berlino - Berlino

Matthias Berg (DEU)


Matthias Berg won all his games on the first day of the Berlin EGP. Imre Leader finished second with 6 wins, Marc Tastet scored 5 points and Sverre Tvedt finished 4th with 4 points.

1: 7 pts [277] BERG Matthias (5301) {DEU}
2: 6 pts [312] LEADER Imre (79) {GBR}
3: 5 pts [281] TASTET Marc (2) {FRA}
4: 4 pts [222] TVEDT Sverre (140031) {NOR}
5: 3 pts [207] MURAWSKI Stefan (5324) {DEU}
6: 2 pts [188] TASTET Rémi (50053) {FRA}
7: 1 pt [137] TASTET Sophie (50081) {FRA}

Mathhias Berg and Marc Tastet both won their semifinal in 2 games. Imre Leader won the playoff for 3rd/4th place against Sverre Tvedt. Matthias Berg won the final against Marc Tastet in 2 games. Both games finished with a 2-disc advantage for Matthias.
​With this tournament victory Matthias takes the lead in the 2017 EGP. The same best of 4 score for Takuji but 20 points less in total score. Too bad Takuji missed out on the Berlin EGP, but Ghent and Paris tournaments promiss fireworks. Marc Tastet played and lost 4 finals this year, 2 more finals to go and another 400 points..... go for it Marc!

Best of 3 semifinal:
Matthias Berg 36-28 Sverre Tvedt
​Sverre Tvedt 16-48 Matthias Berg
Imre Leader 29-35 Marc Tastet
Marc Tastet 36-28 Imre Leader

Top 4 EGP Berlin 2017 after final and playoff:
BERG Matthias (5301) {DEU}
TASTET Marc (2) {FRA}
LEADER Imre (79) {GBR}
TVEDT Sverre (140031) {NOR}

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