2' tappa Gran Prix Europeo 2017 (European Grand Prix)

01-02 Aprile 2017

Atene - Atene

Takuji Kashiwabara


The format of this EGP tournament is 9 rounds, semifinals and final.

Three Frenchmen travelled to Athens for the second stage of the 2017 EGP: Takuji Kashiwabara (3rd place in Prague), Marc Tastet (5th place in Prague) and Stéphane Nicolet. No other foreigners present at this tournament. Their Greek opponents are: Lydia Papadaki, Andreas Litsas, Georgios Mitsis, Christina Mitsi, Irene Melanouri, Christos Katsionis and Nikolaos Karamanos.

A lucky draw for Takuji Kashiwabara in round 2 against Andreas Litsas. Andreas missed the winning move 58 a3 and played the drawing move 58 a2. He still had 9 minutes on the clock, but must have miscounted the endresult. Not so much luck for Takuji in round 3, that was a 41-23 win for Stéphane Nicolet. Stéphane won all his games on the first day. Marc Tastet won 6 games and played a draw against Takuji in round 6. A nice third place for Christina Mitsi. Fourth place for Takuji who won 2 games and played 4 draws! The final for the best beginner finished in a win for Lydia Papadaki who won 37-27 against Christos Katsionis.

Results after 7 rounds:

01: 7.0 pts [512] NICOLET Stéphane {FRA}
02: 6.5 pts [465] TASTET Marc {FRA}
03: 4.5 pts [419] MITSI Christina {GRC}
04: 4.0 pts [419] KASHIWABARA Takuji {FRA}
05: 3.5 pts [383] LITSAS Andreas {GRC}
05: 3.5 pts [347] PAPADAKI Lydia {GRC} Best beginner
07: 3.0 pts [400] MITSIS Georgios {GRC}
08: 2.0 pts [307] KATSIONIS Christos {GRC } 2nd beginner
09: 1.0 pt [232] MELANOURI Irene {GRC}
10: 0.0 pt [226] KARAMANOS Nikolaos {GRC}

​As several Greek players could not attend on Sunday, the tournament director has decided to skip the last two rounds and continue the tournament with the semifinals. I heard it said that according to Tom Schotte's EGP stats, Christina is the first female player to finish in top 4 of EGP tournament of the second time.

Stéphane Nicolet - Takuji Kashiwabara: 1-2
Marc Tastet - Christina Mitsi: 2-0

Final result top 4:
​1 - Takuji Kashiwabara (FRA)
2 - Marc Tastet (FRA)
3 - Stéphane Nicolet (FRA)
4 - Christina Mitsi​ (GRC)

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