GPE Cambridge 2018 (prima tappa) (European Grand Prix)

17-18 Febbraio 2018

Gran Bretagna 2018 - Cambridge -UK-

Matthias Berg


The finals: In the swiss part Niklas won against Imre. Should Imre get his revenge immediately? The answer was no. It was a very tight game, thats for sure. It felt like Niklas had a firm grip on the game and didnt let Imre come close enough to victory; with a final score of 35-29 to Niklas.
In the final Matthias got his revenge and won the final with 2-0 (40-24, 40-24).

1/2: Berg - Tastet = 2-0 (40-24, 40-24)
3/4: Wettergren - Leader = 1-0 (35-29)

Some curiosa!
Matthias Berg won his 7th European Grand Prix tournament! He wins roughly one tournament every four years (2002, 2006, 2010, 2014, 2018). In 2017 he broke his own rule by winning 2 tournaments. With his 7th win he moves to an all-time 10th place in the medal mirror list, overtaking Karsten Feldborg and Stéphane Nicolet!

Marc Tastet lost his 6th consecutive final; the last one he won was Paris 2015 against Takuji Kashiwabara. The latter started the 2018 season as usual: not scoring too many points (3), letting other players think they can win the European Grand Prix series, only to strike back in the last tournament(s).

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